Whether personal or business coaching one fundamental characteristic of professional executive coaching is the promotion of self-reflection and self-perception. Others are the expansion and improvement of the client’s potential - controlled by the client himself – with reference to perception, experience and behaviour.

Is executive coaching the same as training?

Training directly helps to develop certain kinds of behaviour. Learning the "ideal" pattern of behaviour is often given priority. Although the needs of the client are generally decisive factors, the subject matters of the training (for example sales training, presentation training, rhetoric etc.) are given the main emphasis. Training can be used as one element of coaching, for example to correct behavioural deficiencies. In this case executive coaching is the immediate cause of and the framework for building or improving certain abilities.

What is Coaching?

Executive coaching consists of a combination of individual support to cope with a variety of issues, and personal consulting. Through consulting the client is motivated to develop his own solutions. The executive coach helps him to understand the causes of problems and therefore also helps him to identify the processes leading to problem solution. Ideally, the client learns to solve his problems independently, to develop his behaviour and attitudes and to reach effective results.

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