Profile Graham P. Rogers

This internationally experienced Mental & Sales Trainer lives in Frankfurt, Germany. His entertaining and spontaneous teaching  style  permits the understanding of complex topics whilst  linking them to the core themes of mental effectiveness. This ensures that seminars are goal-oriented, detailed, practical and fascinating.

He brings to this role over 25 years of international experience in Business, Technology and Training. Living and working with IT has been a major part of his daily life during this time and he has developed a particular long term interest in the relationship between humans and technology.  This theme has increasing relevance  as technology takes on a wider role in our private and business life. His experience in many parts of Europe and the USA has also enabled Graham  to gain a deep understanding of many differing cultural aspects of today´s society.

Since the beginning of the 80s he has applied Mental Training to increase his personal achievement and that of his co-workers. By meeting his requirements for clearly defined and goal oriented training of teams, Mental Training swiftly showed him it had clear benefits.  Demonstrating (in 1982) how  customer service areas can particularly profit from Mental Training,  Graham Rogers developed and set up the first service Hotline for COMPAQ (then Digital Equipment Corporation). An emphasis on  service excellence is something that no customer-oriented enterprise can do without in the 21st century. 

Graham is a qualified Professional Coach and member of the German coaching association DBVC

Introvison Coach as of 2014 ( www. )