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Johanna & Dieter Lauterbach (75)

Participants "You are what you think"

"Even though we are retired, we certainly profited from what we "took away" with us from the seminare. In our behaviour, thoughts and the ability to deal with every type of problem"

Christiane Perleberg


ppp perleberg pharma partner

"Some time ago I participated in a 2-day one-on-one mental training with Graham Rogers.
During both days it was not only fun (style of knowledge transport, contents and wealth of diversity as well as Grahams flexibility and practicle examples), but much more they encouraged to really TH!NKTALL - lively and envigorating - the name fits exactly.  All further contacts to Graham were just the same.
One not new realisation: you get the tools but you´ve go to do it yourself !"

Achim von Montigny

Managing Director


"Efficient tool for the conscious handling of unconscious thought processes - professional and humorous - highly recommended and well worth repeating regularly."

Peter Wulle

Personal- und Unternehmensberater

Wulle Consult

"Help to the self-help:  The only form of the assistance, that really functions on a long-term basis. privately as in business. With enthusiasm and positive thinking to move yourself and others forward to defined goals. This training gave even me as an "old hand" many new and above all practicable tools - how I can really bring my clients and customers forward. And last but not least British humour and the style of the presentation of the material contributed to the actual use of the techniques. I will certainly be on one of the next refresher seminars."

Annett Becker

Startup Consultant

Marco van Ewijk

Business Consultant

"The seminar was exciting, entertaining and spontaneous. We did not know what to expect  during the 2 days, we were astounded. Our point of view changed and the techniques obtained have already been used successfully. For us the seminar was extremely enriching!"

Thomas Schürmann


human-matters AG

"Graham, mental training with you was for us the rediscovery of nearly forgotten values: An unreserved positive attitude to yourself and the rest of the world, reflection on the strength of peace and breathing space, the potential elimination of complex logic and confidence in the simple principles of cause & effect."

Patric Mitzakoff

Senior Sales Executive

InfoVista GmbH

"It is not enough to have no goal - one must be also incapable to express it!" My co-workers and I are healed from this mental attitude for ever. In an extremely charming and entertaining way he showed us: Say what you want, and you will get exactly that. A credo, which also in private life sets standards."