ThinkTall = Purposeful growth!

Graham supports purposeful planning of your personal growth. The necessary steps to achieve your purpose will be matched to your personal potential and risk profile – resulting in straightforward and self-reliant development.

A precise plan, including the intermediary steps, is the foundation for the path to long term progress. As clarity is gained, even the most complex undertakings become transparent and achievable.

Whoever wants to run a marathon cannot start today as a “couch potato” and expect to complete it immediately – purely through the power of positive thought – a demanding purpose needs a plan that fits your situation.

Graham P. Rogers = ThinkTall.

When you aim for the sun you may not reach it, however you may brush the

Graham P. Rogers

Who is Graham P. Rogers?

Graham is not only physically tall, he has time and again set his own high goals and grown with these new challenges.

His entertaining and spontaneous style enables the understanding of complex topics by filtering them to define the essential elements. This ensures that seminars and coaching are goal-oriented, detailed, practical and fascinating. He brings to this role over 40 years of international experience in Business, Technology and Training. His experience in many parts of Europe and the USA has also enabled Graham to gain a deep understanding of many differing cultural aspects of today’s society.

Enjoyment and relaxation are also a part of Graham’s life – a passionate biker and horse rider. As ride leader Graham supports other riders in finding new paths and at the same time keeping an eye on safety and having some fun.

In a straightforward manner Graham helps clients in varied circumstances to see through any clouded thoughts and move on to a lucid view of their situation.

“Sehr gerne empfehle ich Graham P. Rogers als feinfühligen und kompetenten Coach und Menschen, der es in besonders sympathischer und effizienter Weise versteht, den Blick auf das Wesentliche zu lenken.”